Welcome Home! Megan & Stephen’s Fort Bragg Homecoming | Fort Bragg Homecoming Photographer

he’s here. he’s finally here. that day has come, and he’s said, “i’ll be home today.”

so you fix your hair. you clean your house a billion times. you straighten the frames on the walls. it’s not enough to make the time pass by faster. it’s too difficult to eat; there are too many butterflies in your stomach to possibly be able to eat a single thing. but none of that matters. because by the end of the day, you’ll be in his arms again. and THAT is what matters.

so you wait. and you pace. and you check your phone, even though you know you won’t be getting a text for a few hours. but when that time does come, and you can finally leave the house to go on post and meet him…the traffic lights take decades to turn. the cars are moving far too slow for you. the gate guard takes entirely too long to look at your picture and verify your identity. but you make it. you’ve arrived. and in a few moments, he will do.

and that’s when the plane lands…everyone hears it. everyone pauses for a moment then bursts into applause, because they know what that sound means too. they’re home.

when {after what feels like eternity} they’re allowed off the plane, you see them all walking toward the doors. which one is he? does he see you yet? will you recognize him? of course you will. and there, amid the identical boots and uniforms and haircuts and backpacks….there he is. and by the smile on his face, he’s spotted you too.

so you run as fast as your shaky legs can manage. you run for him and his arms drop the bags and open for you…just for you. and it’s over. this long period of loneliness has ended. he’s home. you made it. he made it. all is right in the world again. <3

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