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Join Melissa November 3-4 in Raleigh NC for an indoor boudoir event!Β 

Reserve your Raleigh NC Boudoir Session slot here!

If you can’t make it to Raleigh NC, join me in Fayetteville on November 10-11!

Reserve your Fayetteville NC Boudoir Session slot here!

These sessions are SO much fun and make such an awesome Christmas gift for that special man in your life, hint hint! πŸ˜‰

When you’re ready to reserve your session, get in touch with me! Let’s do that now, actually πŸ™‚ We can discuss outfits you’re considering, sensitive areas, any photos you’d really love to have, and what you play to do with your photos. Do you need an album for a birthday/anniversary/Christmas gift? Would digital images best suit you? Or do you want to print some and hang them, say in your master bedroom to just remind yourself how amazing you look? <3 Whatever it is you plan to do with your photos, I can help!


Now. Down to the session! Once you’ve booked, then what?

First thing’s first – Let me help you plan! Are you unsure about what to wear? I can help! We can discuss outfits that best suit your body type, poses that will help disguise any sensitive areas on your body, and decide how much editing you’d like done on your images. Full disclosure: I’m not going to make you look like a Victoria’s Secret model. I will not do that heavy of editing on you. You’re beautiful in all your entirety, and I simply show you in photos. I will retouch any breakouts, scars you’d like removed, etc. though, no worries; and I do minor nips/tucks here & there to enhance the image <3

Check out my list of FAQ’s for your boudoir session, read client testimonials, and learn more about the experience!


Now. It’s the day of your session. Yikes, right? NO – yay!

Before we begin, we’ll get your hair & makeup professionally done by my own personal favorite makeup artist, LaVida Frieson! She’s done so much work for my boudoir clients and everyone has the most amazing things to say about her, myself included.

Once you’re all glammed up, you can get changed. You’ve got time for 3 outfit changes during our session. I always suggest starting with the most concealing outfit you’ve brought and working your way down to the skimpiest of them. We’ll laugh and have fun while we’re shooting. I don’t often encourage the whole ‘sultry, sexy face’ for my clients – I find the real smiles are the best. I promise, our session will seem to fly by. But don’t worry – I’d never end a session if I didn’t know I have sufficient images to fill your gallery & really wow you πŸ™‚


All done! What happens next?

After our boudoir event is over, I go through all the photos and retouch and edit your photos. We will get together (your place, a coffee shop, wherever!) & view your proofing prints. I’ll bring a set of prints for you to view, and a sample album as well so you can see & touch! You can view your photos, ask questions, etc. If there are any areas on editing I missed, we can discuss that and see what can be done before your prints and album are ordered. I won’t order anything until you’re 100% satisfied with your photos!

When your order has been confirmed and I’ve placed it, everything will be delivered to me for quality inspection. I’ll package all of your products up real pretty for you & either ship it to your home or meet up with you to deliver it in person.


I pride myself on giving my clients an amazing experience for their boudoir sessions. It’s not just pictures of yourself. It’s a memory. I want you to have fun! I want you to look back on these photos and laugh and remember how nervous you were, but how much fun you had. And always…ALWAYS know how beautiful you are! <3


Session fee: $200
Includes – pre-session consultation; professional hair & makeup; session time; retouching & editing; viewing & ordering appointment

Prints & products are purchased separately. Clients usually invest $500-1000 in their boudoir experience.

Collections start at $250 & include both digital images with print release and printed images. Contact me for a detailed pricing guide.

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